Toolamba Primary School provides a high quality educational program for each individual student. The school relies on and values close interaction with parents, caregivers, guardians, and members of our local community.

In providing the highest quality education which meets the needs of students, Toolamba relies on close liaison with community members to:

  • Provide access for students to local resources which enhance their learning experiences
  • Provide support for school activities
  • Support school rules

Wherever access is obtained to community resources, Toolamba Primary School will ensure that:

  • All members of the community are welcomed to the school and treated with respect .
  • Demands placed on resources are not excessive.
  • Rights of community members will be respected and confidentiality guaranteed.
  • Appropriate protocols are established.

Toolamba Primary School will keep the community informed of its achievements and activities through:

  • The school newsletters
  • Regular communication through press releases to the local media, businesses and other organisations
  • Holding regular meetings with parents, Parent's Club and School Council
  • Publishing School Council Annual Report
  • Encouraging an 'open door' approach to the community
  • Invitations to special performances throughout the year
  • Displays of student work
  • Principal accessibility for information and educational advice

Toolamba School Council

The Toolamba Primary School Council comprises 15 members with 8 positions filled by parents, 4 by teachers and the Principal as Executive Officer. Each year in March, there is an election for half of the positions, so that term of tenure is two years. Council meets twice per term at 7.30pm in the staffroom and parents are welcome to attend as visitors. Council is responsible for policy development, finance, facilities and the selection of the Principal.

Parents and Friends Club

The Parent Association is an enthusiastic and hard working group in the school. It is responsible for all fund raising and supporting the social network of the school community. It plays a major role in facilitating close links between parents, students, staff and the community.

Classroom Helpers

Toolamba PS highly values the contribution that parents make to the school. The Early Years team leader runs training courses for parents in the teaching and learning of literacy and Numeracy. The benefits for parents include an enhanced understanding of the learning process, skills to assist students at school and at home and an understanding of how their child works at school. It is also a wonderful experience for children to see how well school and home connect.